"Unsellable" Dog That Breeders Threw Away Becomes a Big Star

Pomeranians are one of the smallest types of pet dogs on Earth. Their small bodies and cute looks make them popular. So, when a Pomeranian dog gets a little too big, many people think he's no longer cute. Bertram's dog breeders got rid of him because they thought he was "too big to sell."

The 5-month-old baby was given to a shelter in Tulsa, where it became a star. People liked him because he was kind and had a cool, laid-back attitude. Even though the people at the shelter wanted to keep the cute boy for as long as possible, they knew they had to find him a permanent home where he would be loved and cared for. The good news is that they didn't have to wait too long.

A musician in New York City saw pictures of him on Petfinder and fell in love with him right away. From what Kathy Grayson said, it sounds like his eyes were what caught her attention. Even though it wasn't easy to get to his area, Kathy decided to adopt this beautiful man without a second thought. Distance didn't matter at all because she knew she needed the dog.

Bertram, or Bert, as Kathy often calls him, had a rough start in life, but that moment changed everything. Maybe fate had it work out this way so they could meet and share their happy lives.

And it shouldn't come as a surprise that Kathy wasn't the only one who thought Bert was amazing and cute. Lots of Instagram users have a crush on the nice boy, too. His Instagram account has gotten over 443k followers, and people can't get enough of how cute he is.

Bert is also a big deal at Kathy's art gallery. Many people go there to meet or let their dogs meet him, and the dog doesn't mind being the centre of attention.

It's safe to say that this great guy is having a great time in New York City, and we'll see many more great things from Bert soon.

Please show your loved ones Bert's happy smiles.

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