Meet Enzo, the one-of-a-kind Golden Retriever born with a cool birthmark.

We all have something about us that makes us different from everyone else. Some people have unique things about their bodies, while others have extraordinary things about their personalities. This is true not only for people but also for animals. Birthmarks are physical traits that help us quickly figure out who someone else is.

What makes Enzo the golden retriever different from other golden retrievers is that he was born with a very unusual birthmark. Enzo is a cute, cuddly dog who found his forever home when he was two years old. Friendliness is another way to describe him. His rare genetic mutation makes him stand out from the other dogs and more noticeable.

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Because of this gene change, he has a huge black spot near his left eye. Even though purebred golden retrievers usually have one bright golden coat, this one has a birthmark covering his face's left side. There is no doubt that this birthmark makes him look even better. Most golden retrievers are born with a black base coat. The golden color comes from a modifier gene in their bodies.

This gene is found in almost all golden retrievers. But Enzo's DNA had a small mistake that made the modifier gene on the left side of his face disappear. Pigmented somatic cell mutation is the name for this rare condition. Still, Enzo's birthmark has made him well-known all over the world. He has more than 100kK followers on Instagram, making him a famous person. Even though Enzo doesn't know how special he is, he keeps living like any other golden retriever.

People are crazy about this cute dog and his cool birthmark. On the other hand, Enzo is trying to make friends everywhere he goes. People sometimes get his breed wrong and think he is a mutt because golden retrievers are all the same color. One of the most exciting things about this dog is that he is huge for his age. You can find more pictures of this sweet guy on Instagram under mister. enzoviola.

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