Gorilla Brings Her Infant To Meet Mother And Newborn On the Opposite Side of the Glass

Emmelina Austin went to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston one day. She didn't know at the time that she would become close with a mother gorilla named Kiki. Emmelina and her new baby Canyon were on the other side of the glass. The gorilla brought her baby over to meet Emmelina and her baby.

When the Austin family went to the zoo to see the gorillas, Kiki walked up to the glass so she could watch them. The mother gorilla's reaction was so cute. She carefully looked at the human baby and then tried to stroke it through the glass.

Kiki then showed the Austins her seven-month-old gorilla baby, Pablo. The mother gorilla seemed very happy. Pablo pressed his face against the glass to better look at the human baby while Kiki tried to talk to him with her hands.

The Austin family was sad, and Emmelina and her husband Michael both had tears. Michael could catch the beautiful moment on camera, and when the video was put on the internet, it quickly went viral.

This video shows that a mother loves more than just her child. This is demonstrated by how lovingly Kiki acts toward the human baby. Emmelina and her husband stood on opposite sides of the glass for a few minutes, taking in this unique moment. Kiki is a kind-hearted gorilla who likes babies.

Even though the glass separated the two mothers, they could still talk about how much they loved their babies. At one point, when Emmelina put Canyon's tiny hand up against the glass, Kiki tried to grab it. The Austin family will never forget what a great time they had. Nothing is better than a mother's unconditional love; this video is all the proof you need.

More Info & Video Credit - youtube / H / T: thedodo

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