Hawk can't figure out why this "Duck" is not afraid of him.

Even though there are many unlikely friendships in the animal kingdom, we shouldn't forget that there are also fights where the predator hunts the prey. Today's story is about a hawk who had his position questioned. In our story, a majestic hawk was looking for food when he saw a duck.

The duck happily rested on a patch of grass and didn't care that an influential hawk was nearby. The duck looked like it was questioning the hawk's power, which shocked the hawk. The bird of prey could not stand being ignored like this. Also, this hawk didn't want his job as a fierce hunter overshadowed by a weak duck, especially since the duck was no match for the hawk.

The duck didn't seem aware of how the hawk hunted, and the hawk was frustrated because he couldn't scare this bird. But the hawk didn't know that this duck was just a fake figurine and a decoy. This is why the duck doesn't seem scared of this bird that eats other animals.

We have video footage of the whole thing, and you can be sure it is hilarious. The confused hawk tries to scare and get rid of this strange-looking duck for a short time. People have seen the hawk look around every once in a while as if to make sure he wasn't being played for a fool. At first, the hawk moves quickly toward the duck and tries to grab it with its claws.

Then, when the duck doesn't respond, the hawk goes around it and puts its claws all over its body as if trying to wake it up from a deep sleep. Ultimately, all of his hard work is for nothing, and the bird of prey gives up and leaves to find a better opponent. This hawk will never forget the day that a fake duck beat him.

More Info & Video Credit - youtube
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