The Mandarin Duck is the prettiest duck in the world.

When you hear the word "duck," you probably picture a white bird with a yellow beak and orange feet with webbed feet. But in our story, the duck is exceptional. The Mandarin duck is the most beautiful in the world, and you can see why by looking at it. The Mandarin duck has a unique shape, and its feathers are bright and beautiful.

People living in East Asia or the U.K. have seen these birds. Even though the Mandarins brought the Mandarin duck from China to the U.S. in the 20th century, it is thought that some of the birds got away and started their wild colonies in Britain and other places around the world. This caused the Mandarin duck population to grow.

Photos show that they have an orange face, a red bill, red whiskers, and a white crescent above their eyes. The bronze-colored sides stand out sharply against the purple breast. It looks like a sailboat has two orange sails sticking up from the top of its blue back. But you can only see these unique traits in the male Mandarin duck.

The females of this species are grey and have dull colors. A white stripe goes from the white spots on their chest to their eyes. There is a tiny chance of seeing a Mandarin duck in North America, but it is possible. Trevor, a Mandarin duck in Vancouver, became a big deal on the internet. Since these birds didn't have any natural enemies in the west, people worried they would spread out of control after being brought there by accident.

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They live and have babies in thick, bushy places like riverbanks. The Mandarin duck eats seeds, plants, snails, bugs, and small fish, and what it eats depends on the time of year. Mandarin ducks are not in danger of dying out, which is good. Still, logging and habitat loss pose several problems for them. Let's take care of this beautiful species and ensure it doesn't go extinct.

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