The rescued kangaroo insists on sleeping on the couch, cuddling with his dad, and watching TV with him.

If you are an owner of an adorable pet, you know how funny and cute these furry family members can be. From the first time they came into your home until they became family members, it must have been the best thing you've ever done.

Today I'm going to tell you a story about a Kangaroo who a kind family took in. This cute, active kangaroo can't get enough of the couch. He usually cuddles up with his dad and watches TV in his spot on that couch.

Rufus is his name. When he was 8 months, he was taken in by a kind couple. Kym Haywood, his mother, is in charge of the Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston.

Rufus likes the couch so much that he spends almost all his time there. He's lucky to have parents who always understand him and give him the best. They knew Kufus couldn't live anywhere else, so they gave him the whole sofa and bought another one for themselves. They set that spot aside for their beloved Kufus. No one, not even their guests, could sit there.

When Kufu's mom told him it was time for bed, he sagged onto the couch and buried his head in the blanket, as seen on video. When his mom tried to get him off the couch another time by giving him grapes, Kufus was brilliant and took the grapes, then quickly flopped back down on the couch. Right away, his kind act made thousands of hearts melt on Instagram.

Neil, Kim's husband, and Rufus are happy to have him in their lives. They love to hug and play with Kufus every day. They think that Kufu is the cutest kangaroo ever. Because of him, the family ties keep getting stronger.

Watch the video below

More Info & Images Credit - instagram/rufusthecouchkangaroo

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